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We provide a fabulous shopping experience for charity fair supporters to buy from our select boutique brands using a familiar style of marketplace, similar to Amazon or ASOS. We offer our platform to charity partners to host virtual fairs where all the brands commit to pay 10% to the charity.

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Guest Brands By Invitation Only


£ 150
Annual 'Table Fee'
  • 10% commission + 2.5% Card Fees
  • £50 joining fee
  • Sell in all fairs


£ 30
3 mths | x1 fair only
  • 5%** commission + 2.5% Card Fees
  • Invitation Only
  • Sell in 1 fair

NOTES:  **Guest brand commission only applies for 2020 then reverts to standard 10%.  All prices quoted exclude VAT (BLB not VAT registered currently). Product imagery must be of a sufficiently high standard and quality to be accepted.  BLB reserves the right to select and reject product listings.

Our fair partners

Charities we are hosting in 2020

how our marketplace works

We market your brand

Our 25+ fair partners promote BLB to their supporters. In 2021 we anticipate hosting 50+ fairs.

Shoppers add to cart

Any combination of vendor products are paid in a single checkout transaction

Auto charity donation

10% charity donation is deducted from payment to vendor.

Order syncs to you

The order goes directly to your own e-commerce platform for fulfillment and inventory levels sync between your store and ours.

Advanced shipping rules

We set up individual shipping rates to mirror your own

Paid automatically

As soon as the order ships you receive payment after deduction of fees


why sell with us?

Vendor benefits


One 'table fee' to include all our standard fairs


A whole year of fairs for the price of a single table fee


Reach a broad, affluent customer base


Virtually sell to multiple fair audiences all at once and reach new markets


No codes, no manual donations, no spreadsheets.


Syncing of products, prices, shipping, inventory and payments.


A lot of little is big. One for all, all for one!


...we are a strong offering to charities and shoppers.

what you get as a standard seller

Vendor features

Key Features

Your marketplace

Access to 50+ fairs 2021

We anticipate hosting over 50 fairs in 2021 with each undertaking to promote the marketplace.

Marketing support

Benefit from BLB's customer database, advertising campaigns and editorial articles.

Advanced shipping

We can deploy bespoke shipping rates for each vendor.

Inventory & order sync*

Once we set you up, your stock levels auto sync from your store and orders go directly into your store's admin panel.

Simple set up

Our onboarding service makes it super simple to get your products imported with pricing and orders in sync*.

Showcase bestselling SKUs

Feature all your bestsellers and more. Talk to us about how many SKUs you want to list and we will do our best to accommodate you. How long it takes to list a brand will depend on the complexity of your products and website - and when you sign-up!

Brands community & academy

More than just a marketplace! We share best practice , tools, advice and techniques with our brands.

Group benefits

We are able to negotiate discounts for services like Federation of Small Business.

*Sync options depend on what eCommerce system you use. See above

Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if we haven’t answered your question…

My contract & charges

Once you have signed up and paid your membership fee you will receive a form to complete with all of the details required to finish the on-boarding process. You will also receive instructions and contact details to enable you to get your products on the BLB website. Mark and Nick will be on hand to hold your hand!

The contract runs for 12 months from the date of the payment of your fees or from 1 October 2020 – whichever is later.  At the end of 12 months it will auto renew at the rate at that time unless you ask for it not to.  (Guest Brands’ contract is for 3 months, restricted to the specific fair).

A table fee is typically what you would pay for a single pitch at an average size physical fair. 

Costs breakdown into ‘fixed’ and ‘variable’.  Fixed include a one-off joining fee, and an annual membership or ‘table fee’. Variable costs are based on your sales and include commission/donation and charges as detailed in these FAQs.

Compared to selling at a fair, there is no traveling costs, no van hire, no accommodation, no staff cost, no subsistence, no raffle prize.

There are two commissions: 1) The charity commission (or more properly “donation”), this is 10% of the total sales value of the transaction; and 2) The BLB commission charge which is 10%.

As at a physical fair or event or with your own website, you need to pay card transaction fees. Due to the fact that this is a marketplace website, there are two payment processors and so there is a 1% charge in addition to the usual 1.4% + 20p per item from the merchant services provider. For simplicity we are charging a round 2.5%. For technical reasons, this is not (currently) applied to the shipping portion of the transaction.

NO! In fact we are discouraging general discounts. We would prefer to offer incentives through targeted marketing such as voucher books but not as a general principle. We may consider traditional Sales e.g. a January Sale but during general trading, no you do not have to offer a discount.

Unfortunately not on the fees, there will be considerable work involved on our part to get your products on the new website. Of course if you stop selling, you will stop paying any further commission.

No, not at this stage. BLB is not registered for VAT but if in future our income should exceed the HMRC limits, we would of course be required to register at which point our charges will have VAT added to them.

The customer will pay as they would do on your own website. As part of your set up on the new platform, we will incorporate the shipping charges you give us. These will then appear on the customer order that they and you receive.

We will provide you with an invoice and a schedule of all the commissions, donations and transaction fees you are charged. You will also get a copy of the invoice we issue to the shopper on your behalf. 


We are partnered with charities all over the UK from the south of England to Scotland. Check the current website Members area for a reminder of past and future fairs.

Obviously all promotion will help. If you post about a fair we can repost it and of course that works the other way as well. It may also be picked up by the fair themselves and reposted. This cross marketing is a great free tool. The ethos and spirit of BLB is one for all and all for one so we would encourage you to be as proactive as possible in this regard.

All three parties can play a role here. Obviously the main marketing will be done by the fair/charity themselves. We cannot access their supporter/customer database directly, for security and GDPR reasons, so the charities will promote to their own audiences. We will promote it to our growing customer database and of course through social media and further Facebook ads. You can promote fairs as well through your email database, newsletters and social media. 

We will be aggressively optimising for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and have plans for an editorial programme to feature topical and seasonal occasions highlighting relevant and interesting products. Google loves this type of content and we hope, over time, to be ranked highly for relevant themes and keywords to attract more shoppers.

There will be opportunities for raising your profile on the platform and via marketing initiatives in due course. We will keep you posted.

We have a growing opted-in email database of ‘Brilliant Shoppers’ and will feature brands and fairs in emails periodically. We are not able to share the list with brands for privacy reasons.

Customers purchasing via Brilliant Little Brands are effectively transacting with two parties: BLB by using our marketplace service and the brand as the vendor/fulfiller. Our approach therefore is that both parties own the customer and our Privacy Policy reflects this.

The marketplace

A marketplace website is like a shopping centre or department store where many brands come together under one online roof. They come in all shapes and sizes, Amazon of course being the biggest in the world whilst at the other end of the scale are small collectives of artisans.

Depending on the size of your own website, you may be able to feature all of them. Limits will depend on the number of sign-ups we receive and the size of websites signing up. One of the costs for running this type of site is the storage requirements placed on the system. Of course we also want to be fair to all of our brands to ensure no individual one floods the site with 000’s of products.

Your listings will be the same price as your website since our software will sync with your prices.

Depending on the website platform you use will depend how we can link to you and how you see your orders. With platforms such as Shopify, we can integrate fully and you will see orders confirmed by email as you would with your own website. With other websites, you may have to check the BLB ‘Vendor Portal’ to pick up your orders. See the ‘How will it work with my store’ section above.

Yes. Unless you have very specific shipping requirements (e.g. a courier quote per piece for furniture) we will include the information you supply on your onboarding form into the integration between your website and the BLB website.

We encourage you to set up a Stripe account if you do not already have one. This is a very quick and easy process and will make the transfer of funds between our system and yours most efficient.

If you use Stripe, the payment will be made to your account within 3 days of the order being placed. If we are paying into your bank account it will be done on a fortnightly basis.

Because we can link the stock between the two systems, when you are out of stock on your website, a product will also be out of stock on our website (this will usually be an automatic daily update)

Within reason, as many as is relevant. We will look at your own taxonomy and blend it into the BLB system. We will be curating the site and ensuring it is fair for all.

The customer will use a dedicated returns page/link on the site which will notify you of their return request. You will be notified by e-mail and will need to log on to your vendor portal on the BLB website to authorise the return and issue any specific instructions to the customer.

BLB offers shoppers a 14 day return period (as required by law) on your behalf. If you have a more generous policy this can be set to override our default.  Shoppers will need to log their return on our portal where they can see the return instructions.  


With the new website we are able to track which charity landing page has been the starting point for the shopper’s visit and link any subsequent purchases back to this, which will indicate to us where to pay your donation. 

NO! This is one of the most important changes. Customers do not have to remember codes and remember to enter them in a box at checkout and you will not have to go looking for them. This will all be tracked by knowing the fair page they land on at the start of their visit.

The new web platform offers all sorts of new functionality for us in future, a key in our choice of platform was the ability to manage commissions. The charity commission will be deducted at source and managed through our Stripe account.

Yes, reports will be available to our brands and charity partners advising on the sales and charity donations made.

Unfortunately not. Gift Aid can only be claimed on donations from individuals so neither your business nor BLB qualify. You can of course claim the 10%’s as a business cost, using the monthly statements available from BLB.

The Fairs

By this we mean an online event in aid of the actual fair and their chosen charity/ies where their customers/supporters shop on the internet instead of at a physical event.

No, you will be present in every standard fair we list. You’ll be able to test the market in parts of the country you’d never usually visit and have your brand recognised by Fair Organisers you may have been applying to for years. In time we will provide charities with bespoke events, these will be by invitation and may incur a small additional table fee.

Everyone misses the buzz of a real fair and we all look forward to them returning. This season we will run alongside some actual fairs and in future this will become the norm. We are also reaching younger shoppers who don’t go to fairs, and charities love the fact that they can keep this revenue stream open all year round.

No, they won’t be aware of other fairs running on our platform. Each virtual fair has its own landing page – think of it like a seperate room. Supporters are given a link to that page in their invitation so they will go straight into that “room” and not necessarily see any of the events running at the same time.

Shoppers arriving at the BLB  home page will be able to choose a fair to enter from. In due course they will be able to search by region for local events to support.


BLB Academy

In lockdown when mutual help and support was so important, we had a very active WhatsApp Group. We want to build on that sense of community by sharing ideas and experiences with fellow members.

We plan to launch these initiatives very soon

Little Black Book

A list of useful professional contacts and services, tried & tested and recommended by our members.

Private FB Group

A better discussion forum than WhatsApp, where members can help each other out, answering questions and share news and opportunities.

Webinars & Podcasts

Interactive Q&A sessions. Possibly with marketing experts, Instagram influencers, business coaches etc.

BLB Vault

Training modules, templates, and cheat sheets covering business advice tailored for your business online and at events.

Fairs hosted at BLB this autumn…
Lord Mayor of London’s Appeal – DragonFest Shopping Village …14 September 2020
RDA Autumn Gift Fair Newbury Riding for the Disabled …3 October 2020
GRAND AUTUMN FAIR for Action Medical Research Beaconsfield …5 October 2020
Christmas Fair for Action Medical Research Spalding …19 October 2020
Macmillan Merton Early Early Christmas Fair …24 October 2020
CAWC International’s Christmas Fair for Motor Neurone Disease Association …2 November 2020
Chuff’s Scotland Christmas Fair for Riding for the Disabled …9 November 2020
Gift of Sight Christmas Fair St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital …16 November 2020
Farleigh Hospice Christmas Fair …1 November 2020
Dumfries Charity Christmas Fair for CLIC Sargent …16 November 2020
The Hampshire Fair …23 November 2020
Oxford Botanic Garden & Arboretum …30 November 2020

Hampshire Office:

Social Media & Customer Communications
Emily Bradley

01264730445 / 07740707501

Marketing & Website
Mark Bradley

01264730445 / 07771642665

Surrey Office:

Brand Management
Nick Hamlyn

02084040623 / 07891569059

Fair Management
Amanda Hamlyn

02084040623 / 07976718373‬


All cancellable goods received between 15 November and 22 December 2020 (inclusive) can be returned in their original condition at any time before 10 January 2021. For all cancellable goods purchased on 23 December 2020 or after, our 14-day returns policy applies.  Please notify the brand as soon as you know that you wish to return an item for exchange or refund.

Whilst we are sure you will love your purchase, sometimes things don’t fit, aren’t the colour you expected or just aren’t right!

Brilliant Little Brands is a marketplace and our individual brands may have their own returns policies.  Where these differ, they can be viewed on the individual product pages. 


As a general guide, you will not be able to return items where health or hygiene is a concern; underwear, swimwear, face masks, earrings for pierced ears, make up etc. Items that have been personalised in any way and food & drink may also not be accepted back. Anything that was delivered in a sealed packet and has been opened may also not be accepted back.

Anything that you receive damaged or broken should also be advised through the method below.

If you need to return anything, please go to the “Returns” link at the bottom of the Home page on the brilliantlittlebrands.com website and follow the instructions. Our guideline to our brands is that customer refunds should be received by them within 10 days of receipt of the return however different brands may have different returns policies and the timescale will also depend on the payment method and who you bank with.

All goods are to be returned to the individual brand once the return has been agreed by them. No goods should ever be returned to our registered address.

We hope you do not need to return your purchase but if you do, be assured all of our brands comply with the current legislation (Consumer Rights Act 2015, Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014).

Be sure to read the FAQs and our Terms & Conditions. 
We will send you a more detailed form to complete later.  
Market Place is set to launch in October.

Founder Member Market Place Application

Be sure to read the FAQs and our Terms & Conditions. 
We will send you a more detailed form to complete later.  
Market Place is set to launch in October.